Reve D Super Precision Machine Cut Titanium Motor Screw (2pcs)

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The SPM (Super Precision Machine Cut) titanium motor screw. Using a lightweight / high-rigidity titanium material, we have designed a motor fixing screw with high-precision threads and a special shape.

By setting the shape of the screw head to a base with a diameter of 7mm, it is possible to securely fix the motor without using a washer. If it can be used for parts where you want to fix parts firmly besides the motor, reliable fixing will be possible. The beautiful design is another highlight of these screws for dressing up your machine.

Try the SPM titanium motor screw which is not only light weight / high rigidity characteristics but also usability and appearance by titanium material!

Screw head Pedestal diameter Φ7.0mm
M3 screw length 7.0mm



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