Kyosho Ultima SB Dirt Master 2WD 1:10 EP Kit

1.799,00 kr

Versatile and easy to drive 2WD buggy for pure off-road action !

Buggies were created to venture off-road over rough surfaces at high speed and the Ultima SB Dirt Master is a return to the purest form of this fun and excitement. If you want more than the entry-level model can deliver but top-end models are too focused on racing, the Dirt Master is perfect for good honest bush-bashing fun! Based on the competition-level Ultima RB5, the Dirt Master was developed as a mid-class buggy featuring high quality key performance components, at a reasonable price. The rear motor layout ensures secure rear tire grip that demonstrates rock-solid stability over low grip surfaces such as gravel and riverbeds. As the Ultima SB Dirt Master shares its racing heritage with the RB5, it is also at home on fully-fledged RC racing circuits too. With the excellent basic chassis design and a completely new body with a nostalgic flair, beginner drivers looking to step up to the next level of performance or hard-core racers looking for some fun will discover the Ultima SB Dirt Master is true to the original spirit of the buggy.

●Based on a competition-level racing buggy, this unassembled EP buggy kit delivers high performance at a low price.
●Rear motor design delivers excellent rear tire grip and superior control.
●Included front/rear tires and wheels demonstrate stability over various types of road surfaces.
●Classic style body with ageless smart design is equipped with a rear wing that enhances driving stability.
●Resin main chassis is easy to assemble and exhibits moderate flex characteristics, and can be equipped with standard RC components.
●Race-proven double-wishbone front and rear suspension is equipped with precision resin oil shocks.
●Steering mechanism is equipped with a servo saver function that protects the servo from crash shocks.
●Full bearing specifications as standard greatly improves drive system efficiency.
●Compatible with optional parts for the Ultima series and racing springs.
●Driver Set from 2014 Beetle (No.SCB003B) can be installed to enhance scale realism.

Unique retro modern body design. A great balance of modern air flow technology with a touch of nostalgia in the design. Clear kit body for customizing and graphics decals are also included. Rear wing is included for increased rear traction.
Grip and drive power is increased with the rear overhang motor mount that achieves superior traction and driving stability. A motor guard is also equipped to protect the motor from impact after jump landings.
Superior surface tracing from the proven double-wishbone suspension system incorporates turnbuckle rods that allow length to be adjusted for efficient setting changes.
Moderate flex characteristics of the resin main chassis enhances grip for control stability and allows plenty of room for easy installation and assembly of RC components.
Resin oil-filled shocks absorb and reduce shocks from the road surface to maintain stable posture. With dial-adjustable spring tension, chassis height is easily changed. Compatible with competition-level springs.
Rear gear differential enables smooth cornering and is easy to assemble and maintain. For elevated performance on racing circuits, the ball differential for the Ultima series can be installed.
Full ball bearings that reduce drive loss equipped throughout the drive system.
Tapping screws are used to secure resin parts. Unlike entry-level models which use Phillips screws, the 2mm hex head screws make assembly and maintenance easier.
Slipper clutch is included as standard to protect the gears by allowing moderate slip when the drive system is under heavy load and allows adjustment of driving characteristics. Gear cover can also be installed to protect the gears from dirt and dust.
■Length 380mm
■Width 249mm
■Height 140mm
■Wheelbase 270mm
■Tread F:221mmR:201mm
■Tire F:φ84×28mm R:φ86.5×42mm
■Gear Ratio 8.23:1
■Weight 1,450g (approx.)
■Motor (sold separately)
< Kit Contents >
●Pre-assembled kit
●Polycarbonate clear body
●Window mask seal
●Chassis parts
●Cross wrench
●Hex wrench(1.5mm/2.0mm)
●Tires, Tire Inners, Wheels
●Pinion Gear
■2ch~3ch transmitter & receiver for R/C cars 
■Silicone oil for Shock 
■Batteries for chassis(2S Lipo Recommendation) 
■Paint for coloring body (*spray paint for polycarbonate)