Arrowmax Tyre Warmer (1/10th) & Batt Warmer with Bag Black Golden

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Arrowmax compact tyre and battery warmer. The device utilises a compact control unit for easy storage and less pit space needed with the warmer cups being of Arrowmax’s signature black and golden design. They connect to the front side of the case, ensuring easy organisation of the wires. The control unit is equipped with an XT60 connector, allowing to power the tyre warmer using a 13.8V power supply or a 3S LiPo battery. Built-in sensors ensure precise temperature control, independently for the front and rear tyres, and the warmer not only is usable as a tyre warmer but also as a battery warmer using an optional warming bag. Pre-set values ensure performance enhancing and very high user safety.

These tire warmer cups will keep warm in longer time and the outer silicone material will not burn your hands easily.