OTA Programmer Module - Bluetooth

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Hobbywing OTA Bluetooth Programmer Link Module

OTA Programmer is a module which adopted the Bluetooth communication technology for transferring data between an ESC and a smart device (Android or iOS smartphone or tablet etc). It makes the wireless communication between ESC and smart device possible; user can easily program and upgrade ESC, and monitor data transferring via this unit.


  • Tri-black cable: to connect the programming port on the ESC or one end of the Y harness
  • Short black line: it's the antenna to enhance the Bluetooth signals
  • LED light: to indicate the working status of OTA Programmer
  • RESET button: to factory reset this OTA Programmer

The OTA Programmer module works with the following products of HOBBYWING:

  • Some of XERUN series & EZRUN series of car ESCs
  • Some of PLATINUM series of aircraft ESCs
  • Some of SEAKING series of boat ESCs

For details, please refer to ESC manual to ensure if the ESC can work with OTA Programmer

Download Smartphone HOBBYWING HW Link App V2:

  • Android Version: Download the app from HOBBYWING website or GOOGLE PLAY
  • iOS Version: Download from Apple App Store, search "hobbywing", and click the "download" icon to download the app


  • Working Voltage: 5-12.6V
  • Supported Bluetooh Version: ≥ 4.0
  • Effective Range: 0-3m (Open Field)
  • Size: 30 x 25.5 x 8.5mm
  • Weight: 10.2g