Differential Front Pro-Built X-Maxx, XRT

449,00 kr

Traxxas 7880 - Pro-Built X-Maxx 8s Front Differential

Differential, front, complete (fits X-Maxx® 8s)

As you probably know, Traxxas makes high-quality replacement parts for every vehicle that we sell. This makes it easy to keep your model running in peak form. For even faster, more convenient repairs and maintenance, Traxxas now offers Pro-BUILT™ components for the best-selling 2WD and 4X4 models, including E-Revo, Bandit, Rustler, Stampede, Slash, and Unlimited Desert Racer. Pro-BUILT components allow you to replace your model’s differential or transmission as a complete unit, no assembly required.

Each Pro-BUILT component arrives ready-to-install, precisely assembled to Traxxas’ exacting standards and lubricated with factory-certified grease or oil. Pro-BUILT components save time and make it easy to restore like-new performance with factory-fresh parts in the driveline, where precision counts most. Pro-BUILT components ensure your model delivers all the performance, durability, and fun you expect from Traxxas.


  • X-Maxx®