FLYSKY NB4 GMR 2.4GHz 4CH AFHDS3 Micro Receiver

489,00 kr

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GMR is a new 4CH micro receiver for mini cars developed by FlySky, with a response speed as low as 5ms, suitable for different mini car frames (drifting / racing), with a built-in gyroscope interface and based on the latest AFHDS3 protocol.


GMR adopts a more precise circuit design, making GMR more compact and lightweight (2.35*1.35*0.7cm/1.7g). For all kinds of racing or drifting mini car frames, GMR can be easily adapted even in a confined space.


GMR has built-in gyroscope interface. After the gyroscope function is connected and activated, when the car structure has a virtual position, it can greatly reduce the sideslip on a straight road caused by it, and correct the direction of travel in real time. Moreover, when turning rapidly, it can easily keep the car body stable and smooth, effectively avoiding any drift or rollover.


Because GMR adopts the latest AFHDS 3 intelligent wireless communication protocol of FlySky, during a racing competition with mini cars, it can realize a strong anti-interference ability and a quick response within 5ms, accurate response to weak signals and active avoidance of co-channel frequency interference.


Other Features of GMR:

  •   Supports online upgrade, with rich functions constantly updated.

  •   Supports two-way communication, returning the status information in real time.

  •   Supports 3.5-9V wide voltage input, breaking the equipment voltage limit.

  • Fully adaptable to Noble NB4, with rich operation and instant unlocking.