Kyosho Le Mans 240S BLS ESC 60A - Legendary Serie

999,00 kr

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Le Mans 240S ESC is optimized for Le Mans 240S brushless motors. This new design locates all 6 FETs on the base and uses fins shaped into the underside of the aluminum case to dissipate heat and negate the need for a cooling fan. In addition to its excellent heat control and durability, the hard aluminum case is finished with nickel plating and lazer etched with the “LE MANS 240S” and “KYOSHO” logos. With all 14-gauge wires covered in black silicon, the design aligns its superior performance with quality presentation. Using a superplug (Deans) battery connector, the compact design eliminates difficult wiring with the capacitor built into the case. The simple design also allows six setting parameters to be set with only the Set key, without using the program card.

Internt modstand: 0.0011Ω

Kontinuerlig maksimal strøm: 60A

Peak strøm: 80A

Maksimal KV-værdi (2S): 13,5T 3200KV - (3S): 15,5T 2200KV

Køre mode: Frem/brems - Frem/brems/bak

Motortype: sensor & sensorløs 2-polet/4-polet

BEC udgang: 6V/2A

Størrelse (mm): 37,5 x 30,8 x 18,7

Vægt: ca 80 gram