PN Racing Mini-Z PNR2.5W Chassis Kit

199,00 kr

  • We are proud to introduce the all new PNR2.5W after close to 2 years of design and testing. PNR2.5W is the must have DIRECT replacement for all existing Mini-Z MR03 chassis.

    Engineered and design ground up by World Champions, the chassis is made of Nylon with fiberglass and ABS material. PNR 2.5W has

    - Lower Battery CG

    - Hard Coating Battery Terminals

    - Better heat dissipation for batteries and electronics

    - Lighter and Wider chassis to provide superb stability

    - Ample top deck space to allow 3rd party receivers

    - Compatible with all existing MR03 stock parts and Option Parts

    - Compatible with existing DSM2 and ASF Boards


    - Main chassis

    - Top Deck

    - Servo Motor Holder

    - Servo Cover

    - Battery Clips

    - T- Plate spacer


    Slight modifications to servo cover area is needed to fit the VE and VE Pro boards. (screw hole stands needs to be shaved off)

    Compatible with Kyosho Wide Bodies ONLY with side clip minimum spacing of 58MM

    Requires existing servo assembly and housing