Suspension Kit WideMaxx Black X-Maxx 7895

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Traxxas 7895 - WideMAXX Widening Kit for X-MAXX - BLACK

The legendary Traxxas X-Maxx devours the most extreme terrain out of the box. The new WideMAXX Suspension Kit builds on this legendary performance by widening the stance 60mm for even greater cornering ability. The X-Maxx WideMaxx kit includes extended versions of the extreme heavy-duty suspension arms for a 2.36” (60 mm) wider stance. Molded from our toughest composite material, the new arms offer just enough flex to resist breaking, even in cold weather. Five different color options allow maximum customization of your X-Maxx. New 1.346 rate shock springs replace the standard springs for optimal handing performance. Wider suspension links and steel driveshafts complete the package and X-Maxx's thoughtful engineering makes installation quick and easy.

Over 2" Wider for Ultimate High-Speed Stability
The WideMAXX kit includes widened versions of the extreme heavy-duty suspension arms, along with lengthened steel driveshafts and heavy-duty composite toe links. New 1.346 rate springs ensure optimum performance.

A Tougher, Wider Stance
The Traxxas X-Maxx® sets the standard for extreme monster truck fun with a tough-as-nails attitude, brutal power, and unrivaled durability. The WideMaxx® kit builds on the X-Maxx’s already legendary performance by widening the stance 60 mm for even greater cornering stability. Take your X-Maxx to the next level with the WideMaxx kit and get ready for the ultimate expression of Traxxas Tough™.


  • Available in five different color options (Black, Green, Red, Orange, Blue)
  • Widens the X-Maxx by 60 mm for increased cornering stability
  • Widened Extreme Heavy-Duty Suspension Arms
  • Kit Includes:
  • Upper suspension arms (4)
  • Lower suspension arms (4)
  • Lengthened steel driveshafts (4)
  • WideMAXX heavy-duty composite toe links (2)
  • New springs (1.346 rate)