Telemetry Expander Module 2.0

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Traxxas models equipped with the TQi radio system:
The Telemetry Expander 2.0 connects directly to the TQi receiver using the supplied 6525 communication link cable.

X-Maxx, E-Revo, and Unlimited Desert Racer:
Install the Telemetry Expander 2.0 and GPS Module for even more accurate speed measurements compared to the built in speed output from the VXL 6S and VXL 8S electronic speed controls. Plus, add the ability to install additional sensors to monitor parameters such as motor temperature. The Telemetry Expander connects directly to the VXL-6S or VXL-8S electronic speed control using the new Traxxas Data Link Cable 6566 (sold separately). Using the 6566 cable is a plug-and-play solution that conveniently eliminates the need to open the waterproof receiver box to add additional cables.

Vehicles equipped with the 6590 High Voltage power amplifier:
The 6590 High Voltage Power supply is used for lighting accessories such as the 8485 off-road lighting set for the Unlimited Desert Racer. The 6550X Telemetry Expander can be conveniently connected directly to the 6590 high voltage power amplifier using the new 6565 Data Link Cable (sold separately). This provides a quick and easy plug-and-play connection without having to open the waterproof receiver box to add additional cables.

  • Sealed, waterproof design
  • Provides real-time telemetry data with up to 3 temperature and 3 voltage sensors
  • Connects via communication cable to #6533 receiver, #6590 Power Amplifier*, or directly to VXL-6s* and VXL-8s* ESCs
  • Compatible with existing vehicle mounts and smart sensors