Yokomo YD-2S RWD Assembled Drift Car (Plastic chassis)

1.799,00 kr

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A new lineup of pre-assembled chassis for the ever-popular YD-2S! Ideal for those who are not good at assembling or do not have time to do so. Although the RC equipment needs to be mounted and the body and tires/wheels need to be prepared, the time until the car is ready to run can be greatly reduced. Wheel alignment has also been adjusted, so even those unfamiliar with the settings can start driving with ease.

The weight balance of the high-mount mid-motor provides a wide range of response to road conditions, and is one of the reasons for its popularity, including ease of handling. It has a good balance of traction even on low-grip surfaces, and many people choose it as an entry-level RWD drift machine. The battery is exclusively for short size Li-Po batteries, but a 7.2V-European conversion connector is also included to provide peace of mind to first-time short Li-Po users.

RC equipment, motor, battery, charger, body, tires/wheels, etc. are not included. Please purchase separately.